Cabana Matten în Zermatt, combinația perfectă de lux, munte și lemn într-o singură cabană

Locație: Zermatt, Elveția
Fotograf: Le Collectionist

Snowy in summer hiking trails, the whole history of Switzerland, which takes place in the picturesque streets of Zermatt. Clinging to the mountain in the shadow of the Matterhorn, the cottage Matten dominates the famous station of its woody notes, with a panoramic view between rocks and fir trees, mountains or glaciers.

Cabana Matten în Zermatt-1

Palace hidden under its huge windows, the folds e cottage Matten corridors of his people sunbathing slender curves and a covered outdoor kitchen , invitation alpine dreams and dinners al fresco. The immensity of the view flourishes terraces balconies, diluting its colors throughout the day and four floors, while in the heart of the mountain slips a private tunnel leading to a secret cellar stocked.

Cabana Matten în Zermatt-2

Authenticity of the stone, purity of glass and wood heat  : the essence of the cottage Matten combines over the wellness area, master on the ground floor. equipped fitness room, indoor jacuzzi discovered and sauna and steam that will provide as many points of view on the panorama. Under the wooden beams of the second floor, clear tones and designer furniture disclaim discreet luxury in a large living space, including a dining room for twelve guests , a sitting area with a library and a kitchen . Cabana Matten în Zermatt-3

Compromise between crystal chandelier and fireplace stone cold windows and warm furs, the same spirit dwells resolutely luxurious five suites chalet Matten. Ensuite bathroom, sitting area and private terrace make each room a spacious and peaceful retirement, lost sight of the peaks of the Matterhorn. Cabana Matten în Zermatt-4

Solid walnut, stone and Italian marble from Brazil summarize the delicate balance maintained by Matten chalet: luxury and authenticity, food for the soul and body exercise, it is the purity of the mountain declines throughout the building its stones. Cabana Matten în Zermatt-5 Cabana Matten în Zermatt-6 Cabana Matten în Zermatt-7 Cabana Matten în Zermatt-8 Cabana Matten în Zermatt-9 Cabana Matten în Zermatt-10 Cabana Matten în Zermatt-11 Cabana Matten în Zermatt-12 Cabana Matten în Zermatt-13 Cabana Matten în Zermatt-14 Cabana Matten în Zermatt-15 Cabana Matten în Zermatt-16 Cabana Matten în Zermatt-17 Cabana Matten în Zermatt-18 Cabana Matten în Zermatt-19 Cabana Matten în Zermatt-20 Cabana Matten în Zermatt-21 Cabana Matten în Zermatt-22

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